Slight to Change to PS_HOME in 8.54

I’ve been working with some 8.54 PeopleTools installs and noticed a slight change in how $PS_HOME is set.  It’s hardly an issue, but I wasn’t expecting it, and it caught me off guard the first time.  Normally when you run the installer it would hard code the $PS_HOME variable in to the path specified for the install, for instance:

Well now with 8.54 it seems the installer sets it to use pwd

This places the path of where you source from into the variable.  So if .bash_profile simply sources /opt/apps/psoft/pt854/ when you login as user psfin it sets PS_HOME to /home/psfin.  Probably not exactly what they were after, but who knows.  Anyway it only takes a second to update it if you like.

I took a look at one of the PUM images and here’s what it does.  First it saves off the current directory, then it changes directory to ps_home directory (tests if it exists first), sources, and then cd’s back to the original directory.

New Encryption Algorithm Impacts PeopleTools Connectivity

I stumbled onto this little piece of info while researching an unrelated connectivity problem.  Oracle changed an encryption algorithm they use (for at least Access Id/Password) a few months back.  This change went in with PeopleTools 8.52.24, 8.53.17, and 8.54.04.  Most places I’ve been have always kept their PeopleTools clients at the same level as the Tools release in the PeopleSoft Database.  But I have seen on more than a few occasions, either certain users lag behind or the updated client is not pushed to developers.  This happens sometime for those doing minor release updates. When going from a level lower than the three listed above to a level equal or higher than listed, clients will no longer be able to connect.  They will be greeted with an Invalid User ID and password error.

Building out a new HCM 9.2 Update Image 9 DEMO

As mentioned here an updated version of  the PeopleSoft HCM media was released in late 2014.  I’ve done a few Demo installs of this on both Linux and Windows now, and here are my notes from a Linux install.  As in the past, these are rough notes I take when I do any install and not a how-to guide.  This install requires PeopleTools 8.54.03 patch as that is the level of PeopleTools within the database.  The media available on Oracle Software Delivery Cloud is only 8.54.00.  This install includes all PeopleSoft HCM patches through Update Image 9, a great thing for those using it to upgrade. Continue reading

PeopleTools in the re-released install media

People that are installing PeopleSoft without a support contract may run into issues if they are using the new re-released PeopleSoft Application media.  This can impact those looking to evaluate the product, install for practice, or learn during the trial license.  The reason being, these images now contain a PeopleTools version inside the database that is higher than what is available for download on the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.  As I just discussed, FSCM 9.2 has been re-released and now contains PeopleTools 8.54.08.  On Edelivery you can only download 8.54.00 though.  Without the ability to download and apply the 8.54.08 patch there will most certainly be problems.

This will temporarily correct itself when PeopleTools 8.55 is released.  Then the application media will be a lower version and the installer will have the ability to upgrade the version in the database.  But until then those looking to have a working application may be stuck.

FSCM 9.2 re-released

PeopleSoft Financials and Supply Chain Management 9.2 has been re-released again.  I just saw today that the media on Oracle’s Software Delivery Cloud now has FSCM 9.2 with Update Image 11 available for download.  With this release comes a new certified upgrade image.  Those upgrading to FSCM 9.2 can now go straight to Update Image 11 which was released March 6th.  The Tools release in this image will be 8.54.08.  The previous media package only contained Update Image 5.

Poll: What Is Your Role in the PeopleSoft Realm

In an effort to be more interactive with readers, I’m going to try to run a series of polls. Most will be related to PeopleSoft in some fashion, some may be for fun though. I hope you will participate and also find the results interesting.  Don’t forget to come back to check the results as the polls gather votes. You can view historical polls by going to the Polls Category or searching Poll on the site.

To start us off, I thought it would be interesting if we can learn more about the roles the readers Continue reading

Bypassing a Load Balancer

Load balancers are fantastic devices but sometimes we need to get around them.  I can’t count the times I have needed or wanted to test/diagnosis the functionality of each PIA instance individually, especially when fighting what might appear at first as an intermittent or random issue.  When we have multiple PeopleSoft PIA instances behind a load balancer or reverse proxy we set the virtual addressing URL in the web profile to be that of the URL to the load balancing device.  If we try to hit SERVER-A or SERVER-B directly the URL is rewritten back to SERVER-LB.   The following are some tips that may help you establish a connection to a specific PIA instance rather than the load balancer. Continue reading

SSL and Weblogic

As previously mentioned, I was doing an analysis of how PeopleSoft and Weblogic utilize SSL which was spawned by the announcement of POODLE.  I’m going to review my findings for Weblogic 10.3.6.x and then duplicate the analysis to see if anything is changed with Weblogic 12.1.2.  Weblogic 10.3.6.x is supported for any PeopleTools 8.50 – 8.53 installations.  If you are on an older release of Weblogic 10.3 you should upgrade your Weblogic. Continue reading