Slight to Change to PS_HOME in 8.54

I’ve been working with some 8.54 PeopleTools installs and noticed a slight change in how $PS_HOME is set.  It’s hardly an issue, but I wasn’t expecting it, and it caught me off guard the first time.  Normally when you run the installer it would hard code the $PS_HOME variable in to the path specified for the install, for instance:

PS_HOME="/opt/apps/psoft/pt853"; export PS_HOME

Well now with 8.54 it seems the installer sets it to use pwd

PS_HOME=`/bin/pwd`; export PS_HOME

This places the path of where you source from into the variable.  So if .bash_profile simply sources /opt/apps/psoft/pt854/ when you login as user psfin it sets PS_HOME to /home/psfin.  Probably not exactly what they were after, but who knows.  Anyway it only takes a second to update it if you like.

I took a look at one of the PUM images and here’s what it does.  First it saves off the current directory, then it changes directory to ps_home directory (tests if it exists first), sources, and then cd’s back to the original directory.






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  1. Abhishek Narayan Avatar
    Abhishek Narayan

    Because of it I was facing issue running cache directory schema in LDAP. After setting PS_HOME in on PSUNX server. It worked fine.

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