• Written in Java and JavaFX for cross platform usability
  • Embedded Sqlite database stores data
  • Tested on PeopleTools 8.51, 8.52, and 8.53
  • Screen Shots available here.

Weblogic Monitor

  • Monitor multiple PIA instances in one setup
  • Can monitor remotely, no server side agent
  • Collects open session data
  • Collects basic JVM stats
  • Collects additional JRockit stats if available (pre 8.53)
  • Collects servlet invocation statistics for IB
  • Collects thread data
  • Customizable polling interval specified on command line (default is 5 min)

Weblogic Viewer

  • Used to view data collected by the monitor by generating graphs for each day (option to customize time frame coming eventually)
  • Graphs exist for Open Session Counts, Heap Free %, Servlet Invocations, Thread Counts, and Thread Throughput, and more coming
  • Open Session Counts graph displays data points when mouse hovers over and can merge all series of data to show total user count across multiple system
  • Creates a simple report of Occurrences of Weblogic Thread Queue Length exceeding 0
  • Jump to the previous and next day from within the graphs and refresh the data on the existing day (hope to add a real-time monitor option)

 Tuxedo Monitor

  • Still in development,  not yet in private beta