App Monitor

This software is currently BETA, use at your own risk

What is it:

AppMonitor is a command line based java utility which can be used to collect performance and usage statistics from Tuxedo installations used with PeopleSoft.  It currently inserts this data into an embedded Sqlite database for later use with the Viewing component.


  • Java 6+   Since you run this utility from your PeopleSoft servers you should be able to utilize the Java version provided. If you are using a tools release that ran on Java 5 or earlier (pre 8.50) then you just need to use Java 6+ to run the monitor.  The java version is not coupled to the PeopleTools version.  You can use Java 7 if you have it installed instead of Java 6 delivered with 8.52 if you wanted.
  • This tool currently needs to run on the server with Tuxedo

What has it been tested on:

  1. PeopleTools 8.49 – 8.53
  2. Linux, Windows 2008/R2, AIX

How to use AppMonitor:

  1. Download the newest AppMonitor version from the Downloads Page
  2. Uncompress to a directory ex: D:\AppMonitor or /opt/apps/utils/AppMonitor
  3. Change directory to the installed path:  cd D:\AppMonitor
  4. Run java -jar AppMonitor.jar help
  5. The beta license will be displayed enter y to accept it.
  6. The help info will be displayed
  7. Run java -jar AppMonitor.jar insert to add a Tuxedo App Domain, follow the prompts, they should be self explanatory but here is an example:

    [code]java -jar AppMonitor.jar insert
    Please enter a name for this AppSrv Instance:
    Please enter the path of ps_home for the AppSrv Instance:
    Please enter the path of ps_cfg_home for the AppSrv Instance:
    Please enter Domain ID for the AppSrv Instance:
    Does the following data look correct:
    HCM92 /opt/apps/psoft/hcm92 /opt/apps/psoft/domains HCM92

  8. Run java -jar AppMonitor.jar list to display current configuration and verify

    [code]ROW: 1 HCM92 /opt/apps/psoft/hcm92 /opt/apps/psoft/domains HCM92[/code]

  9. Run java -jar AppMonitor.jar monitor or monitor <time> to begin monitoring where <time> is a polling interval in seconds

What’s new:


  • Minor update to how sample times are handled for multiple Tuxedo domain configurations.


  • Initial Release


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