New Encryption Algorithm Impacts PeopleTools Connectivity

I stumbled onto this little piece of info while researching an unrelated connectivity problem.  Oracle changed an encryption algorithm they use (for at least Access Id/Password) a few months back.  This change went in with PeopleTools 8.52.24, 8.53.17, and 8.54.04.  Most places I’ve been have always kept their PeopleTools clients at the same level as the Tools release in the PeopleSoft Database.  But I have seen on more than a few occasions, either certain users lag behind or the updated client is not pushed to developers.  This happens sometime for those doing minor release updates. When going from a level lower than the three listed above to a level equal or higher than listed, clients will no longer be able to connect.  They will be greeted with an Invalid User ID and password error.



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2 responses to “New Encryption Algorithm Impacts PeopleTools Connectivity”

  1. Pete Able Avatar
    Pete Able

    Do you know how to solve this issue? – we recently patched a test instance to 8.54.10 from 8.54.3 and are now receiving this problem…

    1. Randy Avatar

      Everyone needs access to the new PeopleTools client versions of App Designer and Data Mover, or anything else that may connect using the Connect ID (usually people). If you are in the process of an update, which it sounds like you are. You will probably be forced to provide both 8.54.03 and 8.54.10 Tools executables to developers, just as if you were doing a Major release, say from 8.52 to 8.54. You won’t be able to just update the existing install, then they would have this problem with connecting to databases not yet update.

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