PeopleTools in the re-released install media

People that are installing PeopleSoft without a support contract may run into issues if they are using the new re-released PeopleSoft Application media.  This can impact those looking to evaluate the product, install for practice, or learn during the trial license.  The reason being, these images now contain a PeopleTools version inside the database that is higher than what is available for download on the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.  As I just discussed, FSCM 9.2 has been re-released and now contains PeopleTools 8.54.08.  On Edelivery you can only download 8.54.00 though.  Without the ability to download and apply the 8.54.08 patch there will most certainly be problems.

This will temporarily correct itself when PeopleTools 8.55 is released.  Then the application media will be a lower version and the installer will have the ability to upgrade the version in the database.  But until then those looking to have a working application may be stuck.






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