Poll: What Is Your Role in the PeopleSoft Realm

In an effort to be more interactive with readers, I’m going to try to run a series of polls. Most will be related to PeopleSoft in some fashion, some may be for fun though. I hope you will participate and also find the results interesting.  Don’t forget to come back to check the results as the polls gather votes. You can view historical polls by going to the Polls Category or searching Poll on the site.

To start us off, I thought it would be interesting if we can learn more about the roles the readers have.  I have my theory on which category will prevail as the most common, but only time and people responding will tell.  So without further ado, here’s the poll. You may choose up to 3 answers.

[yop_poll id=”3″ tr_id=”orig_post”]






3 responses to “Poll: What Is Your Role in the PeopleSoft Realm”

  1. Nicolas Gasparotto Avatar

    Nice, but would it be possible to have multichoice checkboxes instead of radio buttons ? I’m both app/db admin…


    1. Randy Avatar

      Done! It should allow you to select up to 3 choices now. I added an App Admin vote for you. As always, thanks for your input Nicolas.

      1. Nicolas Gasparotto Avatar

        Great ! Looking forward the results.

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