8.54 PUM Images Released

Oracle released the HCM 9.2.008 PUM Image today, Aug 19th.  The ELM 9.2.005 PUM Image came out last week on Aug 12th.  Finance should be out next week.  These images are supposed to be delivered on the new 8.54.01 PeopleTools release.  These should be an easy way for Admins like ourselves or Oracle customers in general to kick the tires on some of the new PeopleTools features and middleware components.  You need to download them anyhow for patching right?

HCM weighs in at 34.7 GB while ELM is 28.4 GB.  Happy downloading.







One response to “8.54 PUM Images Released”

  1. Nicolas Gasparotto Avatar

    Happy downloading indeed. There’s no mercy for the bandwith… well, with high speed it was about half an hour. But there’s also no mercy for storage, need about 3 times the required space temporarily to be able to use it…

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