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I have finally uploaded some updated versions of my monitoring tools. I’ve made only minor updates to the Weblogic monitoring tool. I created versions that work with Weblogic 9.2 and Weblogic 8.1, but they will be available by request only.  The viewer has had a few items added and can now be used to open the files generated from the newly released (but not really new) app monitoring tool.  I’ve been running the app monitoring tool for almost a year now myself.  These updated files can be found in the downloads section. If you actually have been using these in the past, keep your existing version of the viewer to open older files.  Just set the new stuff up in a new path.  More details can be found on the corresponding monitoring tool pages. I’ve also created a bundle file that contains all three utilities in one zip file for one stop shopping.  The viewer only has 2 graphs enabled for reviewing the tuxedo data, however, several are in the works. Other things to note that are in the works are:Sample Tuxedo monitoring tool graph of PSAPPSRV process requests over time

  1. Graph zoom by mouse area selection and reset with right click (enabled on the test app graphs)
  2. Ability to edit the configuration via the viewer
  3. Added a graphical date chooser
  4. Ability to hide/filter data on the graph
  5. Data aggregation process to smooth graphs over longer periods of time and improve performance
  6. Some type of rough log monitoring abilities to scrape APPSRV and TUXLOG for interesting information
  7. Viewer updated version check process

Weblogic Monitor
App Monitor
Data viewer



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