Oracle posts SES install tips

I’ve been really busy lately and have not been able to find the time to finish up my troubleshooting post on SES yet.  Hopefully I’ll have more time for writing posts again in a few weeks.  I did want to bring attention though to a post I noticed a few weeks ago on the PeopleSoft Technology Blog.   It speaks to the platform support of SES, the future support of SES for PeopleTools 8.53, and also provides additional good reasons to keep your SES installs on separate hardware/vm’s than your existing PeopleSoft infrastructure.

Read the full blog post here.



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2 responses to “Oracle posts SES install tips”

  1. Recruiter Avatar

    How often should the Recruiting related SES jobs be scheduled to run for the full and the incremental runs?

    1. Randy Avatar

      That’s a judgement call based on your usage. It depends on the data change rate. If data changes frequently, you would want to run incremental runs more often, so new data or changed data can be searched properly. If data only changes daily, then there is no point in updating SES every hour, is there. I wouldn’t really run a full again unless I had problems with some incremental runs or if the results weren’t as expected. Then maybe I would run a full, which would drop all the existing data and recreate the index.

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