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In PeopleTools 8.53 Oracle has changed how the TEMP and TMP environment variables are handled.  They are taking the responsibility of setting these out of the Admins hands.  In the past we set these as environment variables perhaps in the shell profile or  When we configured the app server / process scheduler these settings would be inherited into the Tuxedo configuration.  With Windows 2008, some were impacted with it’s default of dynamic TEMP/TMP variables based on session and being deleted on logout.  On Windows a previous co-worker of mine got me into the practice of modifying the psappsrv.ubx and prprcs.ubx files and setting these variables there rather than relying on what the user in Windows might have set or trying to adjust them with scripts.  This proved to be helpful in many ways.  Now Oracle has decided to do the same thing by default.

This may impact Admins who are used to having these variables set to something they specifically wanted.  Depending on your setup you may prefer to change these back.  A default psappsrv.ubx file has the following section:

# ————–


{LOGDIR} is $PS_CFG_HOME/appserv/<DOMAIN>/LOGS and {FS} is the OS specific path delimiter.  So this will use a temp directory in the LOGS directory of each domain such as /opt/apps/psoft/domains/appserv/HCM92/LOGS/tmp.

I’m not sure how much of a fan I am of having TEMP in the logs directory.  I guess just knowing it’s moving is half the battle.  It’s easy to change back if you like.

See Oracle support document [ID 1486978.1] for the announcement.  I don’t recall seeing this in the release notes, but I might have missed it.  They also said it would be back ported to 8.52.16, but you would need to recreate all your domains, not just reconfigure in order to get the change.  Oracle is adding these settings to the domain templates, once you create the new domain from a template TEMP and TMP will be set in the appropriate ubx file.



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3 responses to “PeopleSoft TEMP/TMP Directories”

  1. Nicolas Gasparotto Avatar

    Hello Randy,
    I remember having the concern earlier last year about this TMP directory with a warning appearence after applying Peopletools patch 8.52.11:
    I must admit that I’m neither not a fan of such folder under logs directory…


  2. blaster Avatar

    i have some problem when try to start the process scheduler on psadmin. once i start the domain the below error is appears:
    /tmp could not be created. Please check if TMP refers to a valid path before

    i already check on psappsrv.ubx an found the setting already same with mention on your article.

    is there any solution for this?

    thank for your attention and help.

    1. Randy Avatar

      What tools release and OS are you using? Sounds like /tmp does not exist or and it’s trying to create it, which would probably fail because the user running PeopleSoft shouldn’t have write access to / , so TMP={LOGDIR}{FS}tmp ?

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