PeopleSoft Test Framework

The PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) is a testing tool that was released with PeopleTools 8.51 and has seen improvements and active development from Oracle in 8.52 and 8.53.  PTF is a record and playback tool that is somewhat similar to other testing automation tools.  It distinguishes itself from other tools for a few reasons:

  1. It’s provided as part of PeopleTools 8.51+ so there is no additional cost
  2. Tests, related settings, and objects are stored as managed objects in your PeopleSoft database and can be migrated to other environments with App Designer.
  3. It can be combined with Usage Monitor data to validate test coverage.
  4. It’s written by Oracle so they are able to leverage PeopleSoft functionality directly by providing specialized commands.

PTF does have it’s limitations though so you should check the release notes (under the Lifecycle Management Tools section) and PeopleBooks documentation for your PeopleTools release.  It’s designed to automate functional testing, it unfortunately does not provide any type of performance/load testing capabilities.

PTF Setup

I’ve setup PTF on both 8.51 and 8.52.  I have not had a chance to install the 8.53 version but I think the differences will be limited.  There were some nice improvements going from 8.51 to 8.52.  I’m going to rehash my notes here, the standard documentation was pretty good in describing the installation process.  First off there are some prereqs for PTF:

  1. Your PIA domain needs SSL to be functioning.
  2. IB needs to be working
  3. You need to assign some PTF roles
    1. The ANONYMOUS Node Default User Id must have PTF User Role
    2. Users running the PTF client must have PTF User, Editor, or Administrator
  4. The web profile needs to be configured properly
    1. Generate HTML for testing must be enabled
    2. Show Connection & Sys Info must be enabled
    3. Both of those are on the Debugging tab and should be on by default if your using some variation of the delivered “DEV” profile.

Here is a link to the 8.52 PeopleBooks install page which has a diagram of a PTF environment.  Once your PeopleSoft environment is setup and you’ve confirmed the above items you should review the Configuration Options page at PeopleTools –> Lifecycle Tools –> Test Framework-> Define Configuration Options.  This page differs quite a bit on 8.52 from 8.51.  In 8.51 it has a single option: Allow Untrusted SSL.  Depending on your tools release choose your options accordingly. In many cases you may be relying on a self signed certificate that was delivered with your web server.  You will get an SSL error when you try to connect if you need this setting.  If that is the case, ensure that Allow Untrusted SSL is enabled here.

PTF Config Options 8.51PTF Config Options 8.52PTF Config Options 8.53

After the PeopleSoft configuration is done it’s time to install the client or record/playback tool.  I installed this on a Windows 7 VM.  A few things to note about the client.

  1. It’s a Microsoft based client and requires .Net 3.5; sorry no Linux
  2. It requires Internet Explorer, it will not work with other browsers
  3. If you are installing on Vista or Windows 7 the client should be run with the run as administrator option in order to hook the browser and record properly.  Without doing this I had problems.
  4. The Internet Options for the Windows client should include both http and https entries for your domain in the Local Intranet security zone.  Most companies have this in place already, but could be a problem if they are not there and changes are restricted by AD.

To install the PTF client, run the Setup.exe file from your File Server or your local PeopleTools install.  The setup file is <PS_HOME>\setup\PsTestFramework\setup.exe

Next, run the PeopleSoft Test Framework client (as administrator) and add a new connection to your PTF enabled environment. Populate the required fields as setup connection FINDEV needed.  The server:port number combo is you webserver address and the SSL/HTTPS port.  If your running on the default 443 port the port number is optional.  The user specified here must have one of the PTF roles mentioned previously.  Once connected you can edit some local settings by selecting the @environment on the top left of the menu bar. Local Options  I have left these default except in 8.51.  In the 8.51 version this is where you configure your Process Server List for the Execution Options section.  If you looked at the screen shots above of the Online Configurations options earlier you’ll see they moved this from a Local Option in 8.51 to a Database based option in 8.52.  After reviewing the Local Options, open the Execution Options.  These options are also stored in the database and can be managed online by a user with the PTF Administrator role.  These options are used to configure settings for the application your testing.  You’ll need to create at least one set of Execute Options ( you can create multiple settings for different tests or configurations you would like to run).  The URL defined here should be the URL with the logout command, for example: The documentation explains everything else pretty good so refer to it.

You should now be ready to record a test!

Your First Test

Once you have PTF ready to go there are some older 8.51 YouTube videos currently available at  These videos provide a simple overview of how to get started using PTF and provide good introduction material.  They should get you started on recording your first test.

Essentially the process is as follows in 8.52 (it’s pretty much the same in 8.51 but the Test Recorder window has less options and looks a bit different):

  1. Select menu option Create and chose to create a Test.
  2. Click the red stop sign button which is the Show Test Recorder button, the Test Recorder window will open
  3. Press the house button which will open and hook a new browser, it should also take you to your PeopleSoft login page if your Execution Options are configured properly.  Note:  The PTF window may stay on top of the IE window, just look to see if IE opened and bring it on top of the other windows.
  4. Click the Red Circle in the Test Recorder window to start recording.
  5. Use IE to login, pull up some page, and logout.
  6. Click the Black Square in the Test Recorder window to stop recording
  7. Close the Test Recorder window
  8. Your test steps are displayed and once you give the test a name it can be saved. Menu option Test , Save As
  9. Once the test is saved, the playback button will turn green and you can now run your test by pressing it.

That should do it.  You should be up, running, and recording now.  I’m hoping to do another post on this topic with some more interesting test scripts soon.  And possibly show how PeopleSoft Admins can leverage this for things other than functional testing.







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  1. Ganesh Avatar

    Did you try PTF in PeopleSoft instance which has Single Signon Page – Thrid Pary pages like CAS login and Oracle Single Signon.

    1. Eric Hansen Avatar
      Eric Hansen

      Did you ever find anything out about PTF and CAS

  2. Lee Avatar

    I am new to PTF using 8.51 tools. Documents indicate just including objects in projects and migrating to subsequent environments. It appears the objects are stored as data in the tables so wouldn’t you need to write data mover scripts to move the tests and test cases between the testing environments?
    Thank you

  3. kkps Avatar


    Can PTF client be installed on a citrix server ?


    1. Randy Avatar

      I’ve not installed the PTF client on a Citrix server, but I would think it’s possible. The one problem with installing it on the Citrix server though is that with UAC I’ve found it necessary to start the PTF Client by running it as administrator. That may be something your Citrix Admin/Security teams won’t allow.

  4. Shannon Klabnik Avatar
    Shannon Klabnik

    Thanks for posting. Good intro to get started with.

  5. Ramesh Danduri Avatar
    Ramesh Danduri

    How to run a data mover from PTF?

    I am getting an error message saying “The path for the DataMover EXE file is not correct.”

    Ramesh Danduri

    1. Randy Avatar

      Have you specified the PS_HOME path and other necessary settings for the Execution options you are using? You can set these options in the Client or the Define Execution Options page online. They are on the PeopleTools tab.

  6. Roger Avatar

    We published it as a XenApp desktop but also required local admin on the server- we have group policy to limit what they can do from the desktop- that is only way we got the IE hook to work for now.

    1. Ashok Avatar

      Hi Roger,

      I need your help here. I have installed PTF on citrix published desktop but when we click on run it doesn’t open IE. Could you please let me know how to hook IE with PTF now. Thanks in advance

      1. Prasad Koneru Avatar
        Prasad Koneru

        Hi Ashok,
        We have the same problem. PTF is published on Citrix but on playback the browser doesn’t open. For playback to work on our local machines we are first having to open the Recorder and then click on the Home icon to open a browser (which will establish the hook) and also ensure the Protected Mode setting is same on all zones for this browser session. We can then close the Recorder and playback any test. This is pretty annoying for our users.

        Do you have a better way of doing this?

  7. Sree Avatar

    This is really informative and helps in understanding the basics about PTF.

  8. SEF Avatar

    We are using PTF with 8.53.16. For the most part, it is working fine. But for larger test cases, we are unable to save changes. We receive this message:

    “SaveIt: [-1] The request channel timed out while waiting for a reply after 00:04:59.9687986. Increase the timeout value passed to the call to Request or increase the SendTimeout value on the Binding. The time allotted to this operation may have been a portion of a longer timeout.”

    At Oracle’s request, we increased the ws-timeout parm in the local options xml file on my pc from 1 to 5 (minutes). That did not help. They said larger cases in poorly performing environments can take longer. But I don’t see why a test case with 70 entries would be considered large or why 5 minutes would not be enough time to save. The funny thing is, when I exit out of PTF and go back in, the change is there….so it did save.

    1. Robert Avatar

      SEF, I am a new PTF test writer, and I am experiencing this very same issue in a test that is only 30 steps. Yes, it is my longest test to date, but it doesn’t seem that complicated (set two values; associate them with scroll IDs; go back and verify those two values).

      My question is: Did you ever solve this issue and how?
      Thank you (or anyone else that knows the answer).

      I tried deleting the test and starting fresh, but the error continues. It is also happening for a co-worker on a different “longer” test.

  9. Fred Avatar

    I am getting error “PTF is trying to do a conection with an Untruxted SSL Certificate.” We are running tools 8.52.26 and terminate SSL at the load balancer. We “checked on” the “Allow Untrusted SSL” check box. I opened a case with Peoplesoft. They told me untrusted SSL is not allowed until 8.53 tools (basically the check box does not work). That is when a Service Operation is delivered for untrusted SSL. Do you know if there is a work around we could apply?

  10. Tracy Avatar

    We are seeing inconsistent recording behaviors that seem to be browser related. PTF is not recording all of the entries for some analysts. For example, PTF records all steps up until a prompt page then does not capture entry of the EMPLID and subsequent steps. It is so strange because the tools is working perfectly for other analysts. Has anyone else seen this?

  11. ricky Avatar


    I have installed PeopleSoft Test Framework (PT – 8.55.06) and i recorded a test case (everything works fine), but when i run the test case, by clicking the play button then for each click, it is taking 60 seconds. So the test case ran for 10 mins to complete one test case which has 10 clicks. Is there any setting where i can change the timing to run the test script fast.


    1. xxxx Avatar

      Hello Vivek,
      M getting the same issue its too slow. Can you please advise if you are able to get through it.

      1. Gerry Avatar

        Was anyone able to resolve the slow playback issue?

    2. Aniket Sen Avatar
      Aniket Sen


      Since you are using PT – 8.55, were you able to get rid of the “Untrusted/invalid SSL certificate” error without actually implementing SSL in weblogic.

      Also the “Allow Untrusted SSL” check box mention in the Lifecycle -> Test Framework -> Define configuration Options is not available in 8.55.

      Aniket Sen

      1. Aamer Avatar

        What we will do in Peopletools 8.56

  12. AsaiKarthik Avatar

    I am able to connect PeopleSoft Test Framework Client only from one system. But not able to connect it from other system, getting the below error while login.

    There was an error when PeopleSoft Test Framework was trying to login.

    Message: Could not establish secure channel for SSL/TLS with authority ‘bb.bbb.bbb.bbb:port_no’

    InnerException: The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.

  13. amit Avatar

    can we configure PTF without https port ? I am trying to login through http port and getting below error:

    Message: An error occurred while making the HTTP request to https://server:port/PSIGW/HttpListeningConnector. This could be due to the fact that the server certificate is not configured properly with the HTTP.SYS in the HTTPS case. This could also be caused by a mismatch of the security binding between the client and the server.

    InnerException: The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.

  14. Prasad Lagisetti Avatar
    Prasad Lagisetti

    We installed PTF in People Tools 8.55.16 and configured the environment as per the instructions. I am able to record the test, but when I playback, it’s getting stuck at Start browser. It’s opening the browser as per the execute options, but it’s not going to next step.
    Any help is appreciated.

    1. Randy Avatar

      Are you running at Adminstrator?

    2. Kendrick Avatar

      What browser are you using for playback? Recording is only in IE11 but playback can be IE11, Edge, Firefox, Chrome. Does it happen for all? In my environment, IE11 and Firefox are locked down by policy so I can only use Chrome to playback scripts.

    3. Aravind V Avatar
      Aravind V

      Yes, we have same issue in 8.56.03. It does not work on playback for a OS User with normal access to the client machine. If you use run the PTF from the client as Local Administrator of that client, then it works. The issue is still pendng with oracle, not happy about using admin access as it may not be allowed in every organisation

  15. Aravind V Avatar
    Aravind V

    I tried in Windows 10 and IE 11 Browser on the client machine

    1. Aravind V Avatar
      Aravind V

      Can anyone help to confirm if we do need local admin rights to run PTF in playback mode or is it a problem with browser settings.

      PS:all settings recommended by oracle for IE browser in the installation document has been done.

  16. Praveen Avatar

    I am using 8.54.30 PTF and we have tests already pre-recorded and I am having Issues in running it. Error – Browser not hooked. I am using Windows 7 and IE 10. Any Suggestions to get past this Error.
    Thank u

  17. Sri Venkat Jyesta Avatar
    Sri Venkat Jyesta

    I have an issue with hooking browser, below is my scenario. Please help me

    I am trying to add new approver in approval page, I need to click plus button ‘+’ when I clicked plus button it pop-ups new page in this new page PTF enters value and clicks ‘insert’ button, after closing this page I need to click apply changes in actual browser, but it is not hooking to do action in my actual browser and showing below error.
    “Fatal Error trying synchronization, there is not possible to access to the hooked browser.
    Object not found, or Frame access denied”

  18. Vivek Avatar

    Is it possible to use Self Signed Certificates for PTF Configuration.
    We are trying to setup on 8.57 version.

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