UPPER CASE PeopleSoft scripts for SQL Server

I remember the first time I started working on a PeopleSoft system running on SQL Server.  I was constantly having problems with my SQL and scripts I’d write because I would write everything lower case.  That’s when I learned PeopleSoft recommended the Latin1_General_Bin collation for the database on SQL Server and that collation is case sensitive.  Now I had to train my self to use upper case on SQL Server.

I still have the habit of writing things in lower case (old habits die hard) and a lot of times I’ll take portions of Oracle scripts and put them to use on SQL Server.  Sometimes I go the other way, but since Oracle has the majority of market share it’s usually Oracle to SQL Server.  There’s lots of ways to change the case on text but I thought I’d share this tip for those that didn’t know.  After I copy and paste something that was lower case into Management Studio, I hit CTRL + A to select it all and then hit CTRL + SHIFT + U and it converts everything to upper case.  You can reverse it with CTRL + SHIFT + L, but there is not usually a need for that.







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