PeopleTools 8.53 released

I must have missed it earlier this month but I see Oracle has finally release PeopleTools 8.53. It looks like upgrade templates are available as well.

Here are some of the things I saw in a brief glance at the release notes (I’ll read them in more detail later). A bunch of this was announced in the pre-release notes.

  • Oracle and Red Hat Linux 6 added
  • Windows Server 2012 will be certified sometime after GA it says.
  • SQL Server 2012 added for Database
  • Enterprise Manager 12c support
  • I see reference to licensing changes, Oracle is no longer providing licenses for third party stuff like Crystal or Websphere.
  • IE 7 dropped as a browser (uh oh, slower moving companies may not be ready for that)
  • App server and Process Scheduler executable are finally released as 64-bit for Windows (finally)
  • New customization home PS_CUST_HOME to complement PS_CFG_HOME and PS_APP_HOME (a nice additional if it works properly, something I’ll have to check out)
  • A new look and feel to modernize things will be released with the 9.2 apps and 8.53 is ready for it though no changes are made to the defaults
  • nVision support for Data Guard/GoldenGate offloading to standby database (more read only reporting offloading is nice)
  • psreports home can be stored in the database with Oracle DBFS (interesting, though I don’t think I would prefer that)
  • New long data types for DB2 z/OS and LUW
  • New storage options for SSH keys
  • A change in the time stamp format in the server logs
  • Installing PeopleSoft more securely as default going forward, no more default passwords, they will all be prompted for during creation including things like the keystore for weblogic/websphere. (They talked about this a bunch at Open World last year)
  • Using SALT for passwords stored in the database
  • Several changes around IB and the new Integration Network and making it’s configuration easier (It wasn’t rocket science if you paid attention to how it worked to begin with)
  • There are several IB changes but one that I found more interesting than the others was online pages to backup the file and and persist it through updates/upgrades to weblogic or so it sounds.
  • Portal or PeopleSoft Interaction Hub as it’s now referred to has two items added to it’s restricted free use license which comes with any app you buy. You can now use the new Unified Navigation to allow Portal, I mean Interaction Hub, handle all your nav for multiple apps and you can now do Site-wide branding.

I skipped over all the development, reporting and lifecycle management enhancements. Anywho, I’m excited to get this on an environment so I can take a look at some of these changes.






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