FILEOUTPUT target connector

Someone called the other day. They were trying to use the FILEOUTPUT connector. They were getting the following errors
Integration Gateway: Password is either missing or invalid. (158,10633) when pinging the node and
PublicationContractManager::ProcessError/RetryResponse(): 'Integration Gateway: Password is either missing or invalid. (158,10633)'. in the publication contracts error log.
By default in the files we have the following:
#File connector password.
# Use the supplied encryption utility to provide an encrypted password for the entry below

If your not specifying a password property on your target connector then you should comment the ig.fileconnector.password line out. Better yet though, I would create an encrypted password and use it on the connector and update the corresponding line in the config file.

Once the password mismatch is resolved things should start working.







3 responses to “FILEOUTPUT target connector”

  1. Graham Avatar

    Thanks. This was very helpful. Solved one of my problems today!

  2. paresh Avatar

    Which password should we encrypt?

    1. Randy Avatar

      There are two places to enter the password if you use it. The first is the ig.fileconnector.password in as mentioned in the post. This password should match the Password property that would be defined for the FileOutput Connector on the node in question. If you use a password, both need to be encrypted, however the use of a Password is optional.

      The following is quoted from the PeopleSoft Integration Broker Administration PeopleBook:

      To secure files during processing, set the property ig.fileconnector.password in the file, in addition to the Password property in the connector properties set in the Gateways component.
      Setting file security is optional. However, if you use this feature, both passwords must match and be encrypted.

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