The PeopleSoft ReleaseAdaptor

The PeopleSoft ReleaseAdaptor is used to manipulate delivered projects to meet the requirements needed to apply them to your current environment.  Usually this is run as a step in Change Assistant.  The ReleaseAdaptor consists of files including:


The project_filters.xml file contains information about all object types in PeopleSoft and assigns them an ID number and other metadata such as a Description and Valid PeopleTools Releases (beginning and end). If you look at the file, you’ll see Records are 0, Indexes have an ID of 1, PermissionLists are 53, and so on.

The PeopleTools 8.51 project_filters.xml file has 101 object types (remember we started with 0) and PeopleTools 8.52 has 120 object types. As Oracle releases new object types for newer PeopleTools releases this allows them to transform a project to meet your needs. If your running PeopleTools 8.51 and applying an update that adds new features in 8.52 via new object types, Oracle can remove those new object types from the project during this step in Change Assistant.

Problems can arise if you are not applying bundles and maintenance packs via Change Assistant. As you won’t be able to apply the new object types to your older PeopleTools level. The Change Assistant template should indicate if the ReleaseAdaptor is a required step, but Oracle has been known to make a mistake in the past.

If you have an update failing at the ReleaseAdaptor step or perhaps the project load step first make sure you have everything for the ReleaseAdaptor up to date and that it’s running properly. If you’re running PeopleTools 8.51 and applying a bundle that was released after PeopleTools 8.52 you need to apply the most recent ReleaseAdaptor patch. For instance I know Bundle 8 for both HCM 9.1 and ELM 9.1 have PeopleTools 8.52 objects in them. Usually with Change Assistant you should notice the prereq. Make sure when you apply the update however that the files on your Change Assistant machine are updated properly.

Errors indicating a problem running or the lack of running the ReleaseAdaptor include:

Project PRJXXXXX contains an invalid definition type (XXX) and can not be opened.



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