ptCommonObj is not defined after Tools upgrade

I was upgrading an 8.51.03 environment to 8.52.07 recently and ran into this problem, no buttons or tabs would work and any time you tried they would generate a JavaScript error indicating “ptCommonObj is not defined”.  There were other objects not defined, but I failed to note them all in this case.

Oracle has the following recommendations if you run into this especially after a PeopleTools upgrade.  The first step would be to make sure your PeopleTools patch was applied correctly and possibly reapply it if you think it wasn’t installed properly. Redeploying PIA is something else I would recommend if your fighting this problem.  Clear all your cache, server and client/browser side.

I tried all of these with no success so I dug in a bit deeper.  I looked at the source to the JavaScript with Firebug in Firefox and then looked at what was out there on the Weblogic instance.  Things didn’t match up and some files In my case weren’t even cached on the server but Firebug indicated I was getting them from there.  That’s when I remembered browsers were configured to go to a caching proxy and I didn’t have a setting to bypass the proxy for this new environment!  The proxy had cached the JavaScript files and was not detecting that the files had been updated for some reason.  I made the setting to bypass the proxy and immediately my problem was fixed.


I saw Oracle now has a case online indicating a problem with PeopleTools patch installations becoming corrupted and their first recommendation is to reapply the patch.







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