Finally online

After thinking about doing this for years, I’ve finally decided to go ahead and start blogging.  I’ve got an army of articles and information related to PeopleSoft Administration and I plan to get a lot of it posted in the near future.  Some of it’s old, some of it’s new, and some of it’s probably useless, but I’ll let readers determine that if any ever show up.  So here’s to sharing the knowledge and helping other Admin’s out.







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  1. Stan the Man Avatar
    Stan the Man

    Thanks for going through all the trouble of setting up this website and sharing your technical expertise with the PeopleSoft community. We really appreciate what you are doing here. It is getting increasingly difficult to get useful information from Oracle and you are helping to fill the gap between marketing mumbo-jumbo and the real life needs of PeopleSoft administrators. Bravo!

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