New Encryption Algorithm Impacts PeopleTools Connectivity

I stumbled onto this little piece of info while researching an unrelated connectivity problem.  Oracle changed an encryption algorithm they use (for at least Access Id/Password) a few months back.  This change went in with PeopleTools 8.52.24, 8.53.17, and 8.54.04.  Most places I’ve been have always kept their PeopleTools clients at the same level as the Tools release in the PeopleSoft Database.  But I have seen on more than a few occasions, either certain users lag behind or the updated client is not pushed to developers.  This happens sometime for those doing minor release updates. When going from a level lower than the three listed above to a level equal or higher than listed, clients will no longer be able to connect.  They will be greeted with an Invalid User ID and password error.

Remastered 9.2 Application media

Some of you may have noticed this already but I recently saw that some of the PeopleSoft 9.2 Application media had been remastered.

  • HCM 9.2 was updated on E-delivery at the end of October.  It includes patches from Update Image 9.  Image 9 was also released as a certified Upgrade Demo Image.
  • FSCM 9.2 was updated at the end of September.  It includes patches from Update Image 5 which also released as a certified Upgrade Demo Image.
  • ELM 9.2 was updated in early October and contains patches from Update Image 6.  As with the others it also is a certified upgrade image.
  • CRM 9.2 looks updated at the end of September as well, but it does not indicate if any patches from an Update Image are included.  Since there is not currently a supported Upgrade Image other than CRM 9.2.000 it would not make sense that this media include the patches.  This may indicate it was updated because PeopleTools 8.53 was pulled and 8.54 added to the collection.  I have not downloaded it to look.

In addition the other change I noticed was that all PeopleTools 8.53 media has been pulled.  If you need something from the 8.53 media set you will need to open a non-tech SR.  This seems to be a change from the previous strategy of keeping the current plus one previous Tools set available for download.  I’m not on E-delivery all that often so who knows, maybe they changed that a while ago.

Either way, those looking to start upgrades or may have recently started the process using media they downloaded prior to end of September should evaluate where they are and possibly grab this new media.  Jumping straight to a Update Image would be beneficial.  Those looking to avoid PeopleTools 8.54 for some reason may want to avoid these though because at least HCM, FSCM, and ELM will already be 8.54 PeopleTools in the database.

8.54 PreRelease Notes Available

The PeopleSoft Technology Blog has announced the availability of the PreRelease notes for 8.54:

Some observations as I skimmed the document are:

  • Oracle Linux 6, Win 2012, and Win 2012 R2 support added, Win 2008 (R1 not R2) dropped
  • Client OS Windows 8.1 added, Windows 7 (32 bit) dropped
  • WebLogic 12.1.2 added, 10.3.6 dropped
  • Oracle 12, MSSQL 2014 added, Oracle,, and MSSQL 2008 dropped
  • Current browsers available added (Chrome, Firefox, IE 11, Safari), IE 8 Firefox 17 dropped
  • Tuxedo added, Tuxedo 11gR1 dropped
  • Still uses Java 7
  • SES is, SES dropped
  • Excel 32-bit dropped
  • New Fluid User Interface: moves away from ridge page layouts enhancing the use of CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript.  Supposed to “scale gracefully between devices”.  Fluid page definitions are maintained within App Designer.  Adds Fluid Homepages, Tiles, Notification Framework, PeopleSoft Navigation Bar
  • Mobile Application Platform: Similar to the Fluid User Interface but utilizes RESTful web services
  • 64-bit Development environment!  App Designer, Data Mover, Change Assistant, the whole lot of them all now 64-bit.  Explains the dropped Win 7 (32-bit).
  • App Designer will have improved search functionality (reference, text), code auto-completion for PeopleCode, and new toolbar buttons to improve productivity
  • Enhancements to App Engine tracing: split files, naming convention, program section trace, combined output of PeopleCode and SQL into the AE trace file
  • Portable PS_HOME: Hard-coded paths and sym links within PS_HOME have been removed to further consolidate and allow a single PS_HOME to be shared across multiple environments
  • Two new metaSQL enhancements for Oracle added.  %SqlHint and %SelectDummyTable
  • Also you can now use Oracle Global Temporary Tables, Materialized Views, and the new 12c container/pluggable databases which allow multiple PS databases in the same instance, some may have used GTTs and Materialized Views in the past, but now App Designer will handle them.  Also, App Designer can now be used directly to partition tables and indexes on Oracle.
  • Domain caching changes allowing automatic monitoring and adjusting?  I’ll have to look into that one more.
  • A Push Notification Event Framework, maybe we can finally broadcast a message to all users via the system.
  • Several security enhancements, Oracle Secure Files for the report repository is one that jumped out at me.
  • There’s a lot of other stuff, Just go read it !

Read the foll post here, or find the notes directly on MOS here

Return of the “ptcommonobj is undefined”

I previously wrote a post about getting the error “ptcommonobj is undefined” in the web browser and having modal windows, search look-ups, and other things not working in PeopleSoft. Well not so long ago this struck me again. This time though no PeopleTools upgrades had occurred and there was no proxy or caching devices between the users and weblogic. But I was still stuck with things not working and after seeing the javascript error notification in IE I found my old friend ptcommonobj is undefined.

What happened was essentially an unanticipated change to the web profile. This was a non production environment that had been working fine. It had just been refreshed from production. I found it was set to use the default DEV web profile (no big deal in and of itself). Something however had gone wrong with the refresh and it had only completed 97% or so. Of the tasks that failed to occur was the preserving of the web profile configuration. The settings for DEV were copied from PROD down to DEV. The settings in the PROD database for the DEV web profile had “Show StyleSheet Inline HTML” and “Show JavaScript Inline HTML” turned on (for some PeopleTools releases I believe these were delivered on by default for this profile). When these settings came down to an environment using that web profile it broke that environment however because they had turned been off previously.

Starting with PeopleTools 8.50 PeopleSoft (Oracle) no longer supports enabling these options and as you can see it can actually break things. They have removed the “Show JavaScript Inline HTML” completely from the web profile as of 8.52, however “Show StyleSheet Inline HTML” is still there.

To verify your settings log into PeopleSoft and check the web profile your using. Navigate to:
Main Menu -> PeopleTools -> Web Profile -> Web Profile Configuration (granted, if your having this problem, the search option may not work 🙂 ) Once you select your current web profile check the Debugging tab. If you can’t actually get to your web profile and you were using the DEV one, try changing it in on your web server to use PROD and restart, or you can use SQL to update this, but I don’t have that SQL handy at the moment, perhaps I’ll add it later.

Normally this change requires a restart to take effect, however you can use the reloadconfig command to do it with out a restart if you have that setup. I’ll cover that trick in another post though.

PeopleTools 8.52 Upgrade

Here are my notes on a recent PeopleTools 8.52.07 Upgrade from 8.51.03 on Finance 9.1 This was on Linux

====== PREP WORK======

Download Tools media
unzip all media
chmod 755 tuxedo10gR3_64_Linux_01_x86.bin & jrockit-jdk1.6.0_20-R28.1.0-4.0.1-linux-x64.bin
* tuxedo for 8.52 is same version as 8.51
* jrockit for 8.52 is older than version I used for 8.51
* weblogic goes from 10.3.3 to 10.3.4
install Tools 8.52 on Change Assistant system
install Tools 8.52.07 patch on Change Assistant system
* password for zip file is *************** (Oracle probably doesn’t want me giving that out)
we will create a new $PS_HOME on all linux servers
* /opt/apps/psoft/fin852

====== WEB SERVER ======

mkdir /opt/apps/wls1034
export JAVA_HOME=/opt/apps/jrockit-jdk1.6.0_29-R28.1.5-4.0.1
cd /opt/media/8.52/weblogic
$JAVA_HOME/bin/java -jar ./wls1034_generic.jar -mode=console -log=/opt/apps/logs/wls1034install.log
“Middleware Home” = [/opt/apps/wls1034]
Choose Install Type:
|  Install the following product(s) and component(s):
| – WebLogic Server
| – Oracle Coherence

Congratulations! Installation is complete.

#Install PTools web components
cp /opt/apps/psoft
cp -av fin851 fin852
cd /opt/media/8.52/ptools/Disk1
./ -i console
#PeopleTools  will be installed in the following location:
Congratulations. PeopleTools has been successfully installed to:

#Install Verity
cd /opt/media/8.52/verity/Disk1
$PS_HOME = /opt/apps/psoft/fin852
->1- Verity Development Kit
* Install

#Install Tools patch 07
cd /opt/media/8.52/patch.07/cd85207/Disk1

====== APP SERVER ======

#Install PTools app components
cd /opt/apps/psoft
cp -av fin851 fin852
cd /opt/media/8.52/ptools/Disk1
./ -i console
#PeopleTools  will be installed in the following location:
Congratulations. PeopleTools has been successfully installed to:

#Install Verity
cd /opt/media/8.52/verity/Disk1
$PS_HOME = /opt/apps/psoft/fin852
->1- Verity Development Kit
* Install

#Install Tools patch 07
cd /opt/media/8.52/patch.07/cd85207/Disk1

====== UPGRADE ======

Start Change Assistant
PeopleTools Only Upgrade
File -> Import Template
File -> New Environment
Name -> FIN91
NEW PS_HOME -> D:\PT8.52\
SQL EXEC -> C:\oracle\product\11.2.0\client_2\BIN\sqlplus.exe

ACCESS PASS -> *******

File -> New Job
PeopleTools_Only_Upgrade -> OK
FIN91 -> OK
Initial Upgrade -> OK

Right Click Job Title -> Set Documentation Directory
Right Click Job Title -> Finalize Documentation

0.  Backup Database
1.  Update Stats
2.  Run DDD Audit (online)
3   Run SYS Audit (online)
4   Run SYSAUD01 Audit (doesn’t exist)
5.  Run Initial Alter Audit
6.  Review Initial Audit
7.  Review Table Row Counts (\bin\client\winx86\psae -CT ORACLE -CD FIN91 -CO VP1 -CP VP1 -R UPG -AI UPGCOUNT
* log found at $PS_SERVDIR/files  which was /home/psoft/PS_CACHE/files
* need to set PS_SERVER_CFG=/opt/apps/psoft/domains/appserv/prcs/FIN91/psprcs.cfg
8.  Verify Upgrade User
* Added PeopleSoft Administrator to VP1
9.  Verify Database Integrity (dbv)
* cd /u01/app/oracle/oradata/FIN91
for file in ls; do dbv FILE=$file >> log.txt; done
* neither exist as tables to drop
12. Cleaning up PeopleTools Data
13. Shrinking Images
* did nothing
14. Deleting Pagelet Wizard Data
15. Shutdown all web/app/prcs
16. Save Customized config file (not needed due to installing to new $PS_HOME)
17. Backup PeopleTools Software (not needed due to installing to new $PS_HOME)
18. Install PeopleTools Software (Software previously installed)
19. Install PeopleTools Patch (Software previously installed)
20. Setting up New PeopleTools Release
* Skipped until later
21. Setting up Change Assistant
* Previously installed
22. Setting Configuration Manager profile
23. Finalize Documentation
* Previously done
24. Run DBTSFIX Report
25. Edit DBTSFIX output
* No changes needed
26. Edit Grant script
27. Edit DDL Parameters
* No changes neeed
28. Preparing for PeopleTools Patch
29. Updating PeopleTools System Tables
30. Granting Priv to Connect ID
31. Updating PeopleTools Patch Info
32. Rerunning update stats
* skipped
33. Saving Transparent Data Encryption Info
* TDE not used in this case
34. Turn off Change Control
35. Loading Model Definitions
36. Loading Message Data
37. Reviewing PeopleTools Objects
* Took about 2 hours to run the compare
38. Copying the PPLTLS84CUR Project
39. Copying the PPLTLS84CURDEL Project
40. Copying the PATCH85X Project
41. Populating Updated Tablespace Data
42. Generating the Updated PeopleTools Script
* 2 Warnings
Warning: MCF_IM_DEMO_REC.MCF_IMUSERID – Default record.field MCF_IM_DEMO_REC.USER_OPRID has no rows, field type default used. (76,66)
Warning: PSPTTSTANLRULES – Field PTTST_ANALYSISPRI to be deleted has data present.  Record processed. (76,23)
43. Editing the Updated PeopleTools Script
* No changes needed
44. Running the Updated PeopleTools Script
45. Copying the PT84TBLSPC Project
46. Loading Base Data
47. Populating the Language Table
48. Loading Noncomparable Objects
49. Loading English Messages
50. Loading English String Data
51. Loading Stored Statements Data
52. Loading PeopleTools Definition Group
53. Loading Conversion Data
54. Reporting Conversion Details
55. Running PeopleTools Data Conversion
56. Completing the PeopleTools Conversion
57. Creating All Views
* Database crashed, restarted and started the job over
* Database hit very hard around 25 views left, load average went to 27
58. Converting Integration Broker Objects
59. Creating All Triggers
60. Regenerating Sync IDs
61. Clearing the Rowset Cache
62. Updating Object Version Numbers
63. Backup after PeopleTools Upgrade
64. Running the TSRECPOP Script
65. Booting Servers
* Install new PIA, Rebuild App/PRCS domains
66. Synchronizing CREF Permissions
67. Review PeopleTools Functionality
68. Enable Oracle TDE
69. Running the Final DDDAUDIT Report
70. Running the Final SYSAUDIT Report
71. Running the Final SYSAUD01 Report
72. Creating the Final Alter AUDIT project
73. Running the Final Alter Audit
74. Reviewing the Final Alter Audit
* Ran FNLALTAUD_alttbl.sql and FNLALTAUD_crtidx.sql
75. Reviewing Change Control
* Nothing to do, didn’t have Change Control on

****** Upgrade Complete! ******

The PeopleSoft ReleaseAdaptor

The PeopleSoft ReleaseAdaptor is used to manipulate delivered projects to meet the requirements needed to apply them to your current environment.  Usually this is run as a step in Change Assistant.  The ReleaseAdaptor consists of files including:


The project_filters.xml file contains information about all object types in PeopleSoft and assigns them an ID number and other metadata such as a Description and Valid PeopleTools Releases (beginning and end). If you look at the file, you’ll see Records are 0, Indexes have an ID of 1, PermissionLists are 53, and so on.

The PeopleTools 8.51 project_filters.xml file has 101 object types (remember we started with 0) and PeopleTools 8.52 has 120 object types. As Oracle releases new object types for newer PeopleTools releases this allows them to transform a project to meet your needs. If your running PeopleTools 8.51 and applying an update that adds new features in 8.52 via new object types, Oracle can remove those new object types from the project during this step in Change Assistant.

Problems can arise if you are not applying bundles and maintenance packs via Change Assistant. As you won’t be able to apply the new object types to your older PeopleTools level. The Change Assistant template should indicate if the ReleaseAdaptor is a required step, but Oracle has been known to make a mistake in the past.

If you have an update failing at the ReleaseAdaptor step or perhaps the project load step first make sure you have everything for the ReleaseAdaptor up to date and that it’s running properly. If you’re running PeopleTools 8.51 and applying a bundle that was released after PeopleTools 8.52 you need to apply the most recent ReleaseAdaptor patch. For instance I know Bundle 8 for both HCM 9.1 and ELM 9.1 have PeopleTools 8.52 objects in them. Usually with Change Assistant you should notice the prereq. Make sure when you apply the update however that the files on your Change Assistant machine are updated properly.

Errors indicating a problem running or the lack of running the ReleaseAdaptor include:

Project PRJXXXXX contains an invalid definition type (XXX) and can not be opened.

ptCommonObj is not defined after Tools upgrade

I was upgrading an 8.51.03 environment to 8.52.07 recently and ran into this problem, no buttons or tabs would work and any time you tried they would generate a JavaScript error indicating “ptCommonObj is not defined”.  There were other objects not defined, but I failed to note them all in this case.

Oracle has the following recommendations if you run into this especially after a PeopleTools upgrade.  The first step would be to make sure your PeopleTools patch was applied correctly and possibly reapply it if you think it wasn’t installed properly. Redeploying PIA is something else I would recommend if your fighting this problem.  Clear all your cache, server and client/browser side.

I tried all of these with no success so I dug in a bit deeper.  I looked at the source to the JavaScript with Firebug in Firefox and then looked at what was out there on the Weblogic instance.  Things didn’t match up and some files In my case weren’t even cached on the server but Firebug indicated I was getting them from there.  That’s when I remembered browsers were configured to go to a caching proxy and I didn’t have a setting to bypass the proxy for this new environment!  The proxy had cached the JavaScript files and was not detecting that the files had been updated for some reason.  I made the setting to bypass the proxy and immediately my problem was fixed.


I saw Oracle now has a case online indicating a problem with PeopleTools patch installations becoming corrupted and their first recommendation is to reapply the patch.