New Encryption Algorithm Impacts PeopleTools Connectivity

I stumbled onto this little piece of info while researching an unrelated connectivity problem.  Oracle changed an encryption algorithm they use (for at least Access Id/Password) a few months back.  This change went in with PeopleTools 8.52.24, 8.53.17, and 8.54.04.  Most places I’ve been have always kept their PeopleTools clients at the same level as the Tools release in the PeopleSoft Database.  But I have seen on more than a few occasions, either certain users lag behind or the updated client is not pushed to developers.  This happens sometime for those doing minor release updates. When going from a level lower than the three listed above to a level equal or higher than listed, clients will no longer be able to connect.  They will be greeted with an Invalid User ID and password error.

Remastered 9.2 Application media

Some of you may have noticed this already but I recently saw that some of the PeopleSoft 9.2 Application media had been remastered.

  • HCM 9.2 was updated on E-delivery at the end of October.  It includes patches from Update Image 9.  Image 9 was also released as a certified Upgrade Demo Image.
  • FSCM 9.2 was updated at the end of September.  It includes patches from Update Image 5 which also released as a certified Upgrade Demo Image.
  • ELM 9.2 was updated in early October and contains patches from Update Image 6.  As with the others it also is a certified upgrade image.
  • CRM 9.2 looks updated at the end of September as well, but it does not indicate if any patches from an Update Image are included.  Since there is not currently a supported Upgrade Image other than CRM 9.2.000 it would not make sense that this media include the patches.  This may indicate it was updated because PeopleTools 8.53 was pulled and 8.54 added to the collection.  I have not downloaded it to look.

In addition the other change I noticed was that all PeopleTools 8.53 media has been pulled.  If you need something from the 8.53 media set you will need to open a non-tech SR.  This seems to be a change from the previous strategy of keeping the current plus one previous Tools set available for download.  I’m not on E-delivery all that often so who knows, maybe they changed that a while ago.

Either way, those looking to start upgrades or may have recently started the process using media they downloaded prior to end of September should evaluate where they are and possibly grab this new media.  Jumping straight to a Update Image would be beneficial.  Those looking to avoid PeopleTools 8.54 for some reason may want to avoid these though because at least HCM, FSCM, and ELM will already be 8.54 PeopleTools in the database.

PeopleSoft PUM Images on Linux KVM

As we know, with the new PeopleSoft 9.2 applications came a new method of delivering updates via PeopleSoft Update Manager.  We now need to download fully functional VirtualBox images to get our patches.  We can also use these images for Demo environments and specific versions are useable for New Release Demos during application upgrades.  SES is even included in these images.  I’ve been using VirtualBox for years, since the original innotek days.  It works great for desktop use which is it’s intended use.  Sure you can set it up on a server and make it work in a more enterprise environment but I wanted to deploy the images to something I already had hosting some vm’s, Linux KVM.  If you want to run your images on VMWare, I recommend reading this post on running the images on VMWare.  So lets begin setting up a new PUM image for Linux KVM. Continue reading

8.54 PUM Images Released

Oracle released the HCM 9.2.008 PUM Image today, Aug 19th.  The ELM 9.2.005 PUM Image came out last week on Aug 12th.  Finance should be out next week.  These images are supposed to be delivered on the new 8.54.01 PeopleTools release.  These should be an easy way for Admins like ourselves or Oracle customers in general to kick the tires on some of the new PeopleTools features and middleware components.  You need to download them anyhow for patching right?

HCM weighs in at 34.7 GB while ELM is 28.4 GB.  Happy downloading.