8.54 PreRelease Notes Available

The PeopleSoft Technology Blog has announced the availability of the PreRelease notes for 8.54:

Some observations as I skimmed the document are:

  • Oracle Linux 6, Win 2012, and Win 2012 R2 support added, Win 2008 (R1 not R2) dropped
  • Client OS Windows 8.1 added, Windows 7 (32 bit) dropped
  • WebLogic 12.1.2 added, 10.3.6 dropped
  • Oracle 12, MSSQL 2014 added, Oracle,, and MSSQL 2008 dropped
  • Current browsers available added (Chrome, Firefox, IE 11, Safari), IE 8 Firefox 17 dropped
  • Tuxedo added, Tuxedo 11gR1 dropped
  • Still uses Java 7
  • SES is, SES dropped
  • Excel 32-bit dropped
  • New Fluid User Interface: moves away from ridge page layouts enhancing the use of CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript.  Supposed to “scale gracefully between devices”.  Fluid page definitions are maintained within App Designer.  Adds Fluid Homepages, Tiles, Notification Framework, PeopleSoft Navigation Bar
  • Mobile Application Platform: Similar to the Fluid User Interface but utilizes RESTful web services
  • 64-bit Development environment!  App Designer, Data Mover, Change Assistant, the whole lot of them all now 64-bit.  Explains the dropped Win 7 (32-bit).
  • App Designer will have improved search functionality (reference, text), code auto-completion for PeopleCode, and new toolbar buttons to improve productivity
  • Enhancements to App Engine tracing: split files, naming convention, program section trace, combined output of PeopleCode and SQL into the AE trace file
  • Portable PS_HOME: Hard-coded paths and sym links within PS_HOME have been removed to further consolidate and allow a single PS_HOME to be shared across multiple environments
  • Two new metaSQL enhancements for Oracle added.  %SqlHint and %SelectDummyTable
  • Also you can now use Oracle Global Temporary Tables, Materialized Views, and the new 12c container/pluggable databases which allow multiple PS databases in the same instance, some may have used GTTs and Materialized Views in the past, but now App Designer will handle them.  Also, App Designer can now be used directly to partition tables and indexes on Oracle.
  • Domain caching changes allowing automatic monitoring and adjusting?  I’ll have to look into that one more.
  • A Push Notification Event Framework, maybe we can finally broadcast a message to all users via the system.
  • Several security enhancements, Oracle Secure Files for the report repository is one that jumped out at me.
  • There’s a lot of other stuff, Just go read it !

Read the foll post here, or find the notes directly on MOS here

Webserver detected with incorrect Version of JDK

Now that PeopleTools 8.53 is out, I’ve seen people that are doing PIA installs posting about this problem a few places.

The only  reason I’ve seen so far for this error is the value for JAVA_HOME is not properly set in $WL_HOME/wlserver_10.3/common/bin/commEnv.sh.  This is set when performing the install of Weblogic.  Fix this and try to install PIA again.

To fix it, look at commEnv file, and find where JAVA_HOME is set.  Double check that it’s the right location to the JDK 7 location.  PeopleTools 8.53 now requires JDK 7 and it is available with the rest of the PeopleTools downloads on Oracle’s Edelivery site.  However, the version provided on edelivery is an rpm and by default will install to /usr/java.  If you are like me, you may want to install this JDK for Weblogic at a specific location.  If that’s the case, I recommend skipping the JDK rpm from edelivery and grab the JDK tarball from the OTN download site.  Download the tar.gz version and do what you want with it.  If you do not have root access this will be helpful too as the rpm installer will want you to be root.  If you do want to use the rpm you can use the – -prefix  (2 dashes without a space) option to install to another location. You’ll still need to be root and it will still place some things in /etc.

I still prefer just extracting the tarball.  There is something to be said about the simplicity of it.  If you:

  1. install the tarball
  2. export JAVA_HOME=/path/to/jdk
  3. install Weblogic with $JAVA_HOME/bin/java -jar /path/to/wls1036_generic.jar -whatever -other -options you want
  4. source psconfig.sh and run $PS_HOME/setup/PsMpPIAInstall/setup.sh

You should have no problems, it worked fine for me on OEL 5.8.  If you used the RPM and are still having problems.  Try running as root

/usr/sbin/alternatives --config java

Which will change system wide the default version of java used.  But you shouldn’t have this problem if you used my method above.

Hope this helps.